Oct 28, 2010

white mountain tops

Yesterday I woke up to white mountain tops. I’ve been waiting for the snow for quite a few weeks, when I see snow on the mountains I know that the real Vancouver weather is here to stay for a while.
I wanted to take some pictures but I completely forgot all about them. Thought I could take some today but I can’t even see the mountains, such a cloudy, rainy day today.
Instead I found pictures from last year. I’ll post some of the old ones and whenever I get a chance to see the mountains again I’ll get some good pictures to share.
I believe we took this picture during November last year... this is the view from our house!

Oct 26, 2010

It has been a while since I post anything!

I could say I’ve been busy with work and especially with life, but no. I will not justify my procrastination habits.
Instead I would like to write about all that is going on lately.
First of all, I’m going to become a mommy! I am super excited with the news of adding a new member to our little family! My husband and I are very grateful for our new baby and we have been keeping a close eye to all the process and growth of our baby.
I’ve been crazy with work lately; I’m now working at designhouse and marimekko. It’s been good but a little hectic.
I haven’t really had time for much more. I have been occupied adjusting to this entire mom – to – be feelings and symptoms.
I’ve also traveled a lot during the summer. We went to Santiago’s cousin wedding and a month and a half later went to my little sister’s wedding!!!!

Oh God! So much has happened since April. (and lets not forget Pekka, she always keeps me busy!!)