Oct 28, 2009

about design glimpse

Since we moved to Canada I’ve been all about blogs. I started following some design blogs and one night started writing for my own blog… it just kind of happened and I’m so excited about it!

I was advised not to study industrial design but did it anyway… I can be very stubborn and determined about things. My passion is furniture, especially chairs. I want to start collecting classic design chairs and have always dreamed of having a room to display them, for now I’ve only got the Wassily chair in white. I also love home d├ęcor and accessories, jewelry (what girl doesn’t right?), and of course my yorkie Pekka.

I’m also getting involved in cooking… I’ll probably let my husband tell you how I’m doing. And the thing I enjoy the most is reading, I get absorbed by it, I stop listening to outside noises, stop caring about time and totally get into the story, but I have always wanted to write, so I decided to create this blog.

I want people to be inspired the same way I am, to be captivated by objects, chairs, tables, dresses, or whatever it is I find. I want people to feel comfortable around design, because design is everywhere and it is part of our lives, so why not take awareness about this and welcome it.


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