Nov 4, 2011

a dino-hat for S

Life can definitely get a bit crazy with a wee one around the house... specially when he starts crawling!! But we have managed to survive and also have some "free" time to crochet a bit.
I saw a super cute "dino spike crochet pattern" on Pinterest and of course I had repin it to my never ending lists of things I want for the little one. 
The pattern was only for the spikes, so I started looking for a baby hat with ear flaps and ended up finding this amazing baby crochet monkey hat (which is next on my baby to-do list).
I added a bit of my own to the patterns, specially since I had my little model around. It was way easier this way, I tried the hay on him several times until I was completely happy with the results and then went on to crocheting the spikes! They were easy and I decided to make a little one and three of the same size, just because I thought it looked cute!
So here are the pics

Here are the links to the spikes and the baby hat patterns.

So, what do you think?  (I think he looks adorable! the hubs thinks he looks like a little hooligan... hahaha)