Oct 17, 2012

granny stripe blanket + some other things

I finished my blanket a couple of weeks ago, and although I've been dying to brag about it, it hasn't been possible. 
Turns out that being pregnant in your third trimester and having an 18 month old makes things HARD. I mean, I always knew it was going to be tricky but in the back of my mind I also thought I could handle it. Yes, I have been able to handle it... that is when I'm not about to have a meltdown. 
The poor hubs just looks at me and tells me "we can do this, don't worry, it CAN be done." I sure hope so. I'm putting all my faith in him.

But not everything is that bad, we have also embraced fall (my favorite season of the year!) and we have been out and about enjoying all the colors of the landscape and also all the yummy baked treats that come with fall weather (pumpkin spice lattes and lots of baking!)

We celebrated Thanksgiving (Canadian Thanksgiving that is), and the hubs really wanted to start a new family tradition where we prepared turkey, cranberry sauce and pecan pie. So there has been lots of leftovers for dinner lately. But it was really nice. 
Santiago and I really enjoy cooking together, and little S is learning to help out with little things around the kitchen (and mostly eating everything his little hands can reach).

Oh yes! back to the blanket topic... It took me around 2 months of crocheting. My goal from the beginning was to crochet at least one line a day, obviously some days I didn't, and some other days I had to stop because my hands started to hurt. 
I was determined to finish before October started, and I manged to do it! Yay for me!

I followed two tutorials for the blanket, one by Lucy at Attic24 and another one by Easy Crochet Pattern.
The edging of the blanket is also from Lucy at Attic24. (I love her blog and all of her projects! if you like to crochet I'm sure you will find her blog to be very useful)

I'll be posting about the creative swapping with Lindsey from The Joyful Owl soon! And I will also post about our baby shower soon!

ps. I've also been working on knitting hats for newborns (surprisingly it is not that hard!!)