Jul 4, 2011

Two fabulous blog discoveries from last week

I have no idea what I was actually looking for when I came across Craft Snob… and I say I have no idea because it is clear to me that whatever I was looking for was not important at all! As soon as I entered this blog I totally forgot about everything else and was just so happy!
Obviously my first pick was the “knitting 101 with Elisa McLaughlin”… I already know how to knit, but the picture of that headband / cowl on the button was just fascinating to me… I read all of the 4 posts, downloaded the “it’s a cinch” pattern, looked for my smallest needles and started knitting! Two days later I had my own headband which I really want to wear but haven’t had the proper weather to be wearing such a warm headband…

Obviously I am now following Sara’s and Elisa’s blogs!