behind design glimpse

I believe thoughts become reality. That's my motto.
I decided to start blogging when I first moved to Canada two years ago. I've always loved reading, writing and everything related to design. (Specially furniture design, chairs are an obsession of mine.)
My first objective when I started design glimpse was to share with others what I find inspiring; after a while I also started sharing my own projects and later on I started asking my friends if they would let me share some of the things they do.
I love being able to share projects from friends who are also designers (or just like doing pretty things) or who also have blogs where they talk about their projects and such.
Lately my life has turned upside down!! I have become a mom to a gorgeous little boy, which means that the blog has also changed a bit... I find myself writing a lot about baby stuff.
The last thing you should know about this blog is that I have become truly obsessed with crafts... (mostly things that have to do with yarn, hooks, needles and fabrics. I'm by no means an expert when it comes to knitting or crocheting and I can assure you I'm terrified of my sewing machine. I do not know why, but I find it pretty scary!) so you will be reading a lot about my "crafting adventures" around here!

Oh... and in case you haven't noticed Pekka my yorkie is also a big part of the blog! :)