Nov 25, 2009

Christmas is almost here!

From all the holidays we get during the year, the one I enjoy the most is Christmas... the weather (actually this time since we're leaving in Vancouver I hope I'll experience the real thing... snow and all!), the food but most of all the spirit!
Today I went Christmas craft shopping with a friend. This year both of us intend to do all our decorations... so this will be an interesting thing to talk about later. But for now I want to show you some stuff I'm planning to get for my Christmas celebrations... (this I'm buying because I believe the figures are just amazing!!!!)

I just look at them and imagine the years to come when we have kids and we keep putting out the same Christmas decorations that will always be great!!!
They are from Alessi and were designed by Massimo Giacon.
When I get some of my Christmas crafts going I'll let you know!

Nov 22, 2009


Hi!!! I'm posting some photos of Pekka... she can be a sweetheart or a little devil hahah but I still love her! 

creative km is back!

The last three days I’ve been feeling very crafty… I’ve got a lot of stuff in mind and I believe the reason for that is that since arriving to Vancouver I’ve abandoned my creative side and I guess it’s just not working for me anymore… I have trouble sleeping because I keep getting all this ideas and images in my mind of all the stuff I’m just storing in the corner of my mind and that’s ready to be created… (I hope I’m being clear enough and you’re following what I’m saying.) I keep finding myself sketching all the time… and today during my lunch break I was sketching some stuff in my Moleskine (don’t you love those little notebooks!!! I think I’m addicted to them) and finally got a clear idea of what I’m going to do with the canvases I bought like more than a month ago!!! So when that’s ready I’ll post some pictures for you to see and comment about!
I have also been sketching some Christmas postcards and other Christmas stuff like ornaments and that kind of things… and I even wrote a short story for little kids, I’m doing all the illustrations for the story as well so when I have it ready I’ll let you know!! I’m telling you, my creative personality is no longer being put on hold… and honestly I’m VERY happy about that… I believe I’m the best version of myself when I’m being inspired.

I'm posting two images I found today that I loved!!!!! I hope you enjoy!

Nov 18, 2009

Eames rocking chair (and babies)

images via hive modern

If there ever was a rocker chair I would buy, it would be this one.... (and to be completely honest I’ve been dying to get this chair for some quite time now)
I have always told myself that when I get pregnant I’ll buy this chair… it’s a good excuse I think hahaha.

Today we found out that one our friends are having a baby!!!!!, I feel super happy for them and that’s what inspired my post for today.

So for those of you who’re welcoming a new member to your family:
I wish you the best!!!!

Nov 16, 2009

Craft Market

The weekend was crazy! Crazy weather (it’s begging to get really cold and wet!), lots of things to do and so little time left!

Between work, meetings, some logos and the book I’ve been reading lately, time is going by really fast!! But… today I went with a friend to the Circle Craft Christmas Market at the Vancouver convention center and I saw very interesting stuff, tasted a great chocolate fudge and had a really good time!
I’m posting some of the websites of the artists and the stuff I liked at the market (for those of you who get curious!)


Nov 11, 2009

some green (and orange) for our home

Since we moved I wanted to get some plants for our home.. back in Mexico we had two little bonsai trees, one was my husband's and the other one was mine. They both suffered a little because of Pekka (our yorkie), who kept trying to play with them.
I gave mine to a very good friend, and Santiago gave his to his mom. We know both of them are doing good.
For our new house here, Santiago bought a little plant with orange and yellow chiles, I honestly don't know the name for it, but it looks lovely, and it has Pekka very intrigued (this time we have managed to keep the plant away from her).
I miss our bonsais and have been thinking about getting another one, they're so lovely. But what I really love about this new plant is the colors and shapes of the fruits it has!!

I found some pictures of uor bonsais... and some pictures of Pekka's little adventures with them.

this was my bonsai wich is now living at Pau's.

this was Santiago's bonsai, his mom has it now.

this Santiago's bonsai after Pekka decided she wanted to play... Santiago was so angry he could not even talk!!! (and of course all the time I tried to control myself from laughing)

Nov 8, 2009

daily drop cap

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dnmfvghertu. Le permcndfertv, dmerom erucn
nv ieruthg etr, wert vered memrpadmerngt.

Is this cap beautiful or what? I just had to post it hahaha!
I found this caps on Jessica Hische's blog, she has great stuff!

family chairs

I’ve been dreaming about getting these wonderful chairs for my dining room… we’ve got them at the store for the Design House Stockholm event we hosted last month and I must confess I immediately fell in love with them.
They were designed by Lina Nordqvist. The chairs are intended to be a whole, a family. But each one has its unique character, as any member of any family would. They won the Accent on Design Award 2009.

“Don’t make something unless it is both necessary and useful; but if it is both necessary and useful, don’t hesitate to make it beautiful.”

Nov 6, 2009

While I was at my lunch break today at work, I decided I needed a plan strategy to keep up with the blog, all de DIY projects I want to get done before Christmas, and work… and life. This week I was having 4 days off… turns out I only got 1.5 days off. I’m behind on most of my projects for the week.
Sometimes I feel I need more hours on the day. But if I’m taking this blogging thing seriously, I’ll have to stick to the rules.
So, after giving a lot of thought I decided I’ll start blogging 2 times a week. That is to say, I’ll be posting stuff here on Tuesdays and on Saturdays.

After deciding this, I came up with a bunch of rules for myself:

- Go to the gym at least twice a week.

- Do a recipe a week from my cookbooks.

- Do 2 DIY projects during the week.

- Spend at least 1 hour a day playing around with Pekka.

- Try to keep up with my reading.

- Get on track with my sewing lessons. (I also want to take some pottery classes… I haven’t decided what I’ll do first.)

I think these are enough rules for now.

See you on Saturday next!!