Nov 22, 2009

creative km is back!

The last three days I’ve been feeling very crafty… I’ve got a lot of stuff in mind and I believe the reason for that is that since arriving to Vancouver I’ve abandoned my creative side and I guess it’s just not working for me anymore… I have trouble sleeping because I keep getting all this ideas and images in my mind of all the stuff I’m just storing in the corner of my mind and that’s ready to be created… (I hope I’m being clear enough and you’re following what I’m saying.) I keep finding myself sketching all the time… and today during my lunch break I was sketching some stuff in my Moleskine (don’t you love those little notebooks!!! I think I’m addicted to them) and finally got a clear idea of what I’m going to do with the canvases I bought like more than a month ago!!! So when that’s ready I’ll post some pictures for you to see and comment about!
I have also been sketching some Christmas postcards and other Christmas stuff like ornaments and that kind of things… and I even wrote a short story for little kids, I’m doing all the illustrations for the story as well so when I have it ready I’ll let you know!! I’m telling you, my creative personality is no longer being put on hold… and honestly I’m VERY happy about that… I believe I’m the best version of myself when I’m being inspired.

I'm posting two images I found today that I loved!!!!! I hope you enjoy!

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