Nov 11, 2009

some green (and orange) for our home

Since we moved I wanted to get some plants for our home.. back in Mexico we had two little bonsai trees, one was my husband's and the other one was mine. They both suffered a little because of Pekka (our yorkie), who kept trying to play with them.
I gave mine to a very good friend, and Santiago gave his to his mom. We know both of them are doing good.
For our new house here, Santiago bought a little plant with orange and yellow chiles, I honestly don't know the name for it, but it looks lovely, and it has Pekka very intrigued (this time we have managed to keep the plant away from her).
I miss our bonsais and have been thinking about getting another one, they're so lovely. But what I really love about this new plant is the colors and shapes of the fruits it has!!

I found some pictures of uor bonsais... and some pictures of Pekka's little adventures with them.

this was my bonsai wich is now living at Pau's.

this was Santiago's bonsai, his mom has it now.

this Santiago's bonsai after Pekka decided she wanted to play... Santiago was so angry he could not even talk!!! (and of course all the time I tried to control myself from laughing)


  1. is it fake? buy a real one km!!! or some other bonsais =D


  2. Actually is real! but you can't eat the "chiles"... so it only looks cute.