Nov 6, 2009

While I was at my lunch break today at work, I decided I needed a plan strategy to keep up with the blog, all de DIY projects I want to get done before Christmas, and work… and life. This week I was having 4 days off… turns out I only got 1.5 days off. I’m behind on most of my projects for the week.
Sometimes I feel I need more hours on the day. But if I’m taking this blogging thing seriously, I’ll have to stick to the rules.
So, after giving a lot of thought I decided I’ll start blogging 2 times a week. That is to say, I’ll be posting stuff here on Tuesdays and on Saturdays.

After deciding this, I came up with a bunch of rules for myself:

- Go to the gym at least twice a week.

- Do a recipe a week from my cookbooks.

- Do 2 DIY projects during the week.

- Spend at least 1 hour a day playing around with Pekka.

- Try to keep up with my reading.

- Get on track with my sewing lessons. (I also want to take some pottery classes… I haven’t decided what I’ll do first.)

I think these are enough rules for now.

See you on Saturday next!!


  1. pottery!!! rigo's doing the sewing stuff jeje

  2. I like your blog! It's very nice :) but yes! you need a lot of time (I think) to update it! Those "rules" are excellent for now, keep me aware of everything, love you :D Zyan

  3. Could we have some pictures of Pekka???