Dec 8, 2010

my sister's crafts... cute little things

I asked my sister to send me some pictures of her cute little crocheted animals. She has been doing them for a while now and selling them here and there whenever she can!
I’ve wanted to post some of my friends and family crafts and designs on the blog for a while now and decided to start with my little sister’s creations which I love!!!
I asked her to do some special ones for the baby’s mobile…  so I’ll post some pictures as soon as I get them!!! I’m sure it’s going to look fantastic.
You can contact her here in case you’re interested on getting some or if you want to share some patterns with her.


ps. let me know if you have something you would like me to write about! I love learning (and sharing) what everyone is crafting and designing!


  1. Km thanks for posting my MONITOS on your blog!!
    soon you'll have the ones for the mobile so you can show them off to all your friends!!
    For all of you who like them I'm encouraging my sis to try to do some herself, but if she does I'm sure the baby is going to be the lucky one who gets them!!!
    <3 u KM