Jun 27, 2011

my sweet tooth is kicking in

I have always been more inclined to salty food (and chocolate of course) … but since the last couple of months of my pregnancy I started developing an addiction for sweets! Obviously I blamed it all to the pregnancy and started eating tarts, cakes, cupcakes, cookies, you name it!
My baby will turn 3 months tomorrow and I have to confess that being pregnant had nothing to do with my love for sweets. I still have crazy cravings and eat a lot of chocolate and ice cream… thank God my metabolism is up to speed and you can’t really tell I eat so much sugar!
Another addiction of mine for the last couple of months is “pinning”… oh yes, I spend hours looking for inspiration and cool things on Pinterest, and since they came up with their mobile app I must confess my addiction has gotten worst.
I decided (about 5 days ago) that if I was going to be pinning so much I might as well try some of the things I’ve been keeping on my boards, specially my 3 favorite boards (cute little things, food and other goodies and loving handmade). Yesterday after two or three days of procrastination I finally started what I’m calling my “pinning adventure”. I’m choosing some of the most amazing stuff I’ve pinned into my boards and I’m following the tutorials and recipes from the original posts and see how they turn out. 
I’m sure this will make me a better crafter/cook! (you can find my boards here http://pinterest.com/carmendlp/)
Having said this, I finally jumped into my cooking groove and prepared Nutella Meringues (seriously people… Nutella is the MOST addictive thing ever… since I bought some for the meringues, I have had Nutella and toast for breakfast -and sometimes lunch- every single day!)
The recipe is SUPER easy and the instructions are very clear (I’m kind of a control freak and need to do everything perfectly and find it is much easier to try new things when the instructions are easy to follow). I originally found the recipe on Pinterest and was directed then to http://creampuffsinvenice.ca/  just in case you’re feeling curious.
Here are some pics of how my Nutella Meringues turned out!

I’m going to do some more during the week to practice more on my presentation skills… I kind of like the way they look but I would like to perfect them a little bit!

Feel free to leave your comments and suggestions if you have any ideas of how to improve my "meringue skills", I always appreciate feedback!

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