Aug 19, 2011

I've been entertained...

I don’t blog much during summers. I kind of prefer being outside, enjoying the sun and blue skies. But this summer has been quite different, now that the baby is here; I have been home a lot!!
I spend most of my days enjoying him, playing, trying to make him laugh and just having an amazing time as I get to know my little one!
I've been promising some pictures of his room, which I’ll post next week… but for now I want to share with you my sewing endeavors (if you can actually call them that!)
I don’t know how to sew but I’m trying to learn and do simple projects I can use around the house as I learn. My first project was a tag blankie for the baby inspired by my Simple Sewing for Baby (by Lotta Jansdotter) book and I also dared to do a little embroidery…
I think the results are quite good… it really helped that it is such a simple project that makes any beginner feel secure behind a sewing machine (they can be scary… I least I thought so). The thing I love most about this blankie is that it has become the baby’s favorite! He loves staring at the ribbons and putting them in his mouth… we carry it everywhere!

So this is my first completed sewing project so far!
(I know it is very simple but I’m learning… so yes, I’m proud of it!)

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