Nov 25, 2009

Christmas is almost here!

From all the holidays we get during the year, the one I enjoy the most is Christmas... the weather (actually this time since we're leaving in Vancouver I hope I'll experience the real thing... snow and all!), the food but most of all the spirit!
Today I went Christmas craft shopping with a friend. This year both of us intend to do all our decorations... so this will be an interesting thing to talk about later. But for now I want to show you some stuff I'm planning to get for my Christmas celebrations... (this I'm buying because I believe the figures are just amazing!!!!)

I just look at them and imagine the years to come when we have kids and we keep putting out the same Christmas decorations that will always be great!!!
They are from Alessi and were designed by Massimo Giacon.
When I get some of my Christmas crafts going I'll let you know!

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