Dec 2, 2009

I've been away...

The last few days of November suddenly became so overwhelming and I’m not even sure if I’m saying this was a good or a bad thing… I’m amazed of how fast time is going by, it seems like only yesterday Santiago, Pekka and I were at the airport back in Mexico City saying goodbye to our families and beginning the new adventure of the Canadian life.

It’s incredible we have been living here for four and a half months, we’ve met so much people, done so much new stuff and improved our life in so many ways I’m very grateful about it.
The friends I’ve made here are awesome and I’m so very happy life put us on the same place at the same time… Santiago and I have been talking a lot about life lately, I’m guessing big changes like those we made this year have redefined our way of thinking, and we’re trying to figure out what we want to get out of this new life we chose.
It has also been hard, leaving our family and friends behind, not to mention our jobs (hahaha) I never thought I would say this but I do miss my old job… but most of all I miss being an active part of my family. I guess I will never stop being a part of the “whole” but it is hard sometimes to feel stuff is going on and you’re not there to share it with others.
I’ve been feeling kind of blue; maybe that’s why I didn’t really made an effort to blog during the weekend. But you know what? I always feel better when I put my feelings on paper (in this case I think it would be wiser to say “I feel better when I type my feelings” but I like the sound of the other phrase… I guess it doesn’t really matter.), the thing is I decided to just let you know what’s been on my mind these days.

I took this picture as Pekka and I were walking by the sea wall while the weather was still nice... I felt the words would one day inspire me and would keep me going.

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  1. Life is short and we must enjoy it!!! When I am blue... usually music helps a lot!!!!