Mar 9, 2010

Spring is here! and so am I.

I know I haven’t been a very consistent blogger, but sometimes I just need a fresh start.

Like when you are in the middle of your design process and suddenly you realize that what you’re doing is completely not what you pictured, maybe it was in the beginning but then as you move forward it’s just kind of a mess. That’s how I feel sometimes about things, have you ever had that sensation? Have you ever felt that something was lost in the process?

I read this “ugly phase of creativity” post and came to realize it’s not only me hating what I’m doing and getting all frustrated sometimes… that happens to others as well. So the post made me think (yes… I do think sometimes) that I’m going through this phase with design glimpse…, at the beginning I just wanted to blog about design, but then I happened and I started mixing design with my own experiences, and then I took some time off because I didn’t know if I should continue writing or not. And today I finally came to realize that I can’t separate myself from design because I truly believe we’re connected. Design connects me with others and connects me with myself. Am I making sense at all? Maybe not; I don’t always do.

The thing is that I believe architects, artists, designers and creative people in general are not able to just be creative with some stuff and don’t be creative in other aspects. I think we perceive and feel the world in a different way. That is why I if I want to continue with this blog, you’ll have to read some stuff about me from time to time, because who I am affects not only what I design but also the designs I like or dislike, if that makes any sense at all.

Maybe what I should have said from the beginning was that I’m going to continue with design glimpse as my personal, design inspirational blog.

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