Mar 3, 2011

baby shower crafts

I sent my friend Maya the little owls I drew for the shower and she designed the invites!!
It’s been a long long time since I last blogged… and I have missed blogging like crazy! But I guess that when you’re about to have a baby, leave your job, start getting everything together to move to another city and just try to survive it all it is hard to find time, sit down and well, blog.
So, having said that… I had my baby shower last weekend and decided to embrace the “handmade” and designed, cut and sewed the favors for my guests! (I must confess I got LOTS of help from my mom!)
I also did some pom poms… which I must confess were really simple but only if you have very and I mean VERY good scissors!! If you don’t have a good pair of scissors I would suggest buying them… just for peace of mind!

The theme I’ve chosen for the baby’s nursery is OWLS, so the baby shower was all about owls as well.
They seem to be everywhere lately but I must confess I do not like birds… I don’t know why but I’ve never liked them… until I got pregnant and became totally fascinated by this cute little creatures!

I took some pictures of the “handmade” process and finalized products… I hope you like them! I truly enjoyed being so crafty!! It made me smile!

I'm not a pastel person so the baby shower stuff had to be bright and bold!
We found this cute little ribbon for the favor bags!
Loved how they looked on their little baskets!

Owls and pom poms.

Oh!!! And Marga (my cousin) did some owl pop cakes… they were a success!!! Hmmm… I think there’s still one left!

Owl pop cakes and favor bags!
Thank you notes I did for my friends!
(Maya, Marga and my mom (Leonor) were the ones who organized the whole thing! so they deserve to have their thank you notes on the blog!!)

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  1. Definitely you and the organizers deserve an A+ for all the great effort. Your husband is really proud of you. Simply amazing!!!!