Mar 10, 2011

Cheryl made a mobile for the baby!

As you know… a couple of weeks ago I had a baby shower! and got lots of beautiful, nice, cute little things for the baby!
One of the gifts was a mobile my friend Cheryl did. With all my handmade, craftiness loving I asked her if it would be ok for me to post something on the blog about her creation! She sent me some pictures of the process and pictures of the baby’s view and everything!
She also did a super cute origami tag for the gift with a paper full of owls! I loved it!!

So thanks Cher for taking the time and creating this amazing mobile!!!


  1. It looks so nice! Good job Cheryl! :)

  2. loved the owls, loved the baby shower, love you!!!

  3. Thanks. It couldn't of gone to a more deserving person - Carmen Aka hot mama!!!