Jun 1, 2011

back to blogging

So… the baby is finally here!
On March 28 we welcomed a gorgeous little boy to our family, and since that day it has been non-stop activity for me!
We had our baby in Vancouver, B.C. and 15 days later moved to Mississauga, ON. (my husband got a job here so we had to leave Vancouver which has been really hard!) and let me tell you this: being a first time mom and trying to decorate/arrange a new household is not as easy as I thought it would be… specially with all the sleep deprivation going on!
Between motherhood and our home, I had to give up blogging and crafting and pretty much everything else (which I happily did… I love to have “nothing” to do but stare at our little boy!)  but now that the baby and I have established a routine, and my house isn’t packed with boxes anymore, I decided it was time to get back to blogging.
For my back-to-blogging post I decided to share with all of you (assuming there is someone reading this!) a ripple blanket I did for the baby!
Here are some pics of the process and the final results! 
as always Pekka was my supporter all the way through the end!

I loved working on this pattern… it was a little hard to get started because I kept getting distracted and didn’t keep the count… but once I had the two first rows ready it was actually very nice and relaxing! As for the colors, I went with teal and white since we chose not to know the sex of the baby… those 2 colors work great for a girl or a boy.

Oh well, I hope you enjoy! I’m very happy to be back!


  1. Esta padrisima la colchita prima, que bueno que ya poco a poco te estas adaptando a tu nueva rutina de ser mama. Las fotos estan de lujo... especialmente los modelos :)


  2. me encanto!!!!! los colores y todo quedo perfecto!!! y mucho animo ya cada dia te ves mas adaptada!!

  3. Qué bárbara!!!
    yo la verdad es que quisiera hacerlo pero no se me da mucho la tejida aunque tengo nociones la realidad es que no sé mucho. Ya viendo el producto terminado se ve lindísima
    Besos a todos!