Jul 3, 2012

let's keep it simple

As much as I love to sit down and admire lovely and wonderful blogs, I sometimes get overwhelmed by all the amazingness out there and wish design glimpse could get a little (or a very big) upgrade.  –Sigh-
And then I land back into reality. Santi is trying to get control of the keyboard, the mouse and everything else his little hands can reach…. Seriously, try to keep a 15 month old still while you try to figure out how to write a code (I believe that is how they’re called) to make your blog look nice.  It is not easy at all!! Then add my OCD to the mix and somehow I end up sitting on the floor coloring with little S and trying really hard not to get upset about my blog.

This has been how I have spent the last few days:
I’m trying to blog and upgrade design glimpse. Santi wants to sit on my lap and type or use the mouse or grab a pen or just do whatever a 15 month old can do with a computer. I put Santi on the floor and bring lots of toys for him to play. Pekka gets frustrated nobody is throwing her rat at her so she can play and starts barking. Pekka ends up sitting behind the safety gate at the stairs. Santi is walking all around the place carrying things from one room to the other. My computer is about to go to sleep and I’m still staring at my blog’s “template” design page trying to figure out how to make it work. .... It’s never ending.

So I’m keeping it very simple and I will not worry about the template, the codes and whatever else I was worrying about.
Besides nothing beats coloring with little S! (Even Pekka is starting to like that activity and she sits next to us and takes little naps while we are just having fun.)

ps. I've been working on some crochet cushions for my bedroom... I'll post pictures soon!

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