Jul 16, 2012

crocheted cushions

There's been so much going on around lately that I don't even remember most of the things I want to blog about!
The weather has been so nice, we have spent most of the time outside on our little backyard! 

Pekka and I spend most of little S's naps there, enjoying the sun and reading peacefully while the baby sleeps... It's been awesome!
Although little S keeps me super busy all day long, I've managed to find some "me" time. If I'm not reading you can find me crocheting... here are some pics of my latest project.

I must confess I have developed an addiction to granny squares... just last night I started a granny stripe blanket to go with my cushions!
Hope you enjoy!


  1. Te quedaron lindos Carmen, me encanto la combinación! Yo también quiero postear los míos pero mi mecedora no ha llegado :(

  2. están padrísimos!!! te voy a tener que hacer unos encarguitos tejidos ;) te kiero!

  3. muchas gracias ninas!
    Mariandrea, espero ver los tuyos pronto!!! y tambien lo que hagas con la tela del barquito!
    Nonis, tu ve haciendo tu listita de encargos :)