Aug 3, 2012

favorite "loving handmade" pins and a creative swapping idea!

So, if you know me (or follow my blog) you definitely know about my Pinterest obsession...

If you happen to follow me on Pinterest then you know all about my "loving hanmade" board. Thar board has so many pins that I might never be able to keep up with all those amazing projects, but I do have my fave pins and I would like to share them with you.

So here are some of the pins that are top on my Pinterest TO-DO list:

Crocheted Striped Hand Warmers
via purlbee
via The Boy Trifecta (I've already done one for little S here)
crochet slouchy hat
via Gleeful Things
via Persia Lou
Ok... the list could go on forever and ever but I really have to go and read with the little one so that would be all of my favorites for today!
Hope you enjoy!

*** About the creative swapping... I got the idea from Lucy's post from Attic24 
(I heart her blog!!! and although I didn't put any pictures from her blog on my list today, you have to know that I follow her patterns and super detailed -and photographed- instructions all the time!)
So I went ahead and asked around on facebook! So far my little sister and my friend Lindsey from the joyful owl are in! I hope I can get more people interested on the idea! 
If you are interested on participating just leave a comment and we can arrange the details! Like my little sister said: the rules are that it has to be something handmade!
I'm super excited about it, I think it's nice to do something special for others! ****

ps. I always try to link the images to the correct source but if you find some mistake on my links please let me know!

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  1. quiero el gorrito y el cuello RIGHT NOW!! hahaha esta muy padre esto!!!
    yo puedo ayudarte con los mounstritos!!! me encantan!!!
    Y que muchos se unan al "intercambio" se va a poder padre la cosa! haha
    besitos!! RIGO