Jul 31, 2012

things I've been thinking about lately

Yes. I guess it's time to man up and confess I've been thinking about yarn bombing my house!!!!
I haven't told the hubs yet, I'm not sure how he will take it, he will probably smile and then say "you are crazy!"... or something sweeter like "I'm sure you are probably beginning with the -nesting- phase of pregnancy"... to be truly sincere with you, it's probably true... I am a little crazy and I've been feeling this strange compulsory need to start arranging everything for the new baby.
But don't you think it would look awesome if I just did a little yarn bombing here and there around the place? maybe the staircase and then the sofa in my office... I don't know, I think it will look cool and at the same time I think it will look super tacky!!!
Maybe I should just let it be an idea. One of those ideas that is always there in the back of your mind but that never truly gets done.
When we lived in Vancouver we saw some public spaces like benches and parks with some yarn bombing, I thought it looked neat. I haven't seen anything like it here though... so maybe it isn't such a good idea.
I guess I just had to say it out loud to realize how crazy the whole thing is! It does make me happy though to be able to write it down and put it out there. 
I embrace my weirdness! 

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