Mar 17, 2011

LoveCake's 1st anniversary!!!

LoveCake is turning 1!!!! 

... And since Lindsey is celebrating this month, LoveCake will be hosting some pretty amazing giveaways and of course I couldn't miss the opportunity to share with all of you this amazing blog!
So I asked Lindsey to share with us a little bit of her blogging, crafting and life experiences as the creator of LoveCake!

** Thanks Lindsey for taking the time and being part of design glimpse! I hope you enjoy the post! **

Behind LoveCake there is ... a 26 year old woman, mom & wife who is embracing her creative self again while navigating the land of raising a toddler, Master E and being a great wife to a supportive hubby.

My expectations of LoveCake ... Hmm... It's hard to say because one minute I felt like I wasn't going to ask much of this blog and the next I was thinking it could be something really fantastic. But it had to always be something that would evolve and grow and feel like me throughout.. I wanted it to be my blank "blog canvas". So, to me that meant that if I wanted to bring awareness to bullying { like I did in my 4th or 5th post } or talk about how some days I'll be getting out of my pj's and brushing my teeth just as my husband comes home from work, I could. It's a no guilt, frilly around the edges, fluffy in the center, sweet and salty kinda blog. 
LoveCake's 1st year in a paragraph... I think I summed it up above. However, I will add that there were days it was hard to find something to blog about or I just didn't want to. LoveCake luckily was kind to me and adapted to how I felt... it was still there if I spent 3 weeks tending to a teething boy and suffering sleepless nights. And thankfully, it didn't ask me to blog about it.. 
What's next for LoveCake... LOTS of giveaways this month. I've also started a little range of felt hair pins - super adorable. And I'm hoping to incorporate more of my artwork into LoveCake's etsy shop and I'd love to do some guest blogging. Any takers? Ha. More cooking/craft tutorials... cake decorating...maybe even a little party planning…

I feel so lucky to have reconnected with an old friend from school. That's the power of blogs and social networking. Carmen and I go all the way back to grade 8 and it's pretty awesome that 10+ years later we find ourselves blogging and becoming moms! Happy 1st LoveCake and Happy Motherhood Carmen!! XXOO

ps. don't forget to enter LoveCake's giveaway! 

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